Korčula (20
minutes from Viganj)

Korcula is
one of the biggest islands of Croatia. Few people know that Marco Polo, the
famous Venetian explorer was actually born on here, in Croatia. The island’s
capital is also called Korcula. This ancient city, called "Little Dubrovnik",
is among the most beautiful towns on the Croatian coast and is known for its
unique architecture. One of the main attractions is the house of Marco Polo,
which can be visited in the old city center.

The biggest
and the most beautiful building of Korcula is the Cathedral of St. Marco. South
from it, there is the Bishop’s Palace where the Abbatial Treasury of St. Marco
is placed today with a rich collection of Croatian and Italian Renaissance
artists, a collection of manuscripts and books and a collection of the
ceremonial clothes. North from the Cathedral, there is a small church of St.
Peter, the oldest preserved church in the town from the 11th century.